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I help people create joy and meaning in their lives, and let go of patterns that limit them.


My psychotherapy practice is dedicated to growth - helping to relieve suffering, improve relationships, and reach one's full potential.

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Welcome. We'll work together to develop your well-being in the context of a nonjudgmental, affirming, relational therapeutic process with a focus on attaining goals and increasing overall joy and life satisfaction.


I have trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist for twenty years, receiving my degree in Existential Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology from Seattle University.  I am a national board-certified counselor and licensed in Washington as a mental health counselor. Currently, my office is located in the Maple Leaf district of Seattle, where I see patients Mondays through Thursdays.

Having spent four years within a Buddhist order, and certified in Contemplative Psychology, I use my training in mindfulness to help others explore their embodied mind, and develop calm confidence.

There is a lesson in Buddhism about the sixth patriarch of the Zen tradition, Hui-Neng. While traveling, he came across two monks arguing as they observed a flag fluttering in the breeze. One monk said, “The flag is moving.” The other disagreed and said, “The wind is moving.”  Hui-Neng corrected them both by saying, “It is not the wind, nor the flag. It is mind that moves.”

This story points to how the mind shapes, not only our experiences, but the world in which we live. There is a great deal we can do individually to calm the conflicts of the mind and find peace, such as meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, and spiritual exercises.  As you may have already experienced, there remain aspects of the mind that are difficult to see into without help. 

My services include:

I offer clinical psychodynamic mind-body psychotherapy to individuals and couples suffering with:

  • Constant worry and anxiety / excessive stress

  • Depression / manic-depression

  • Recovery from trauma / PTSD

  • Childhood abuse and neglect

  • Self-defeating character / Personality disorders

  • Hatred / Finding a way to forgive the past

  • Difficulties in couple relationships

  • Family discord / Parenting difficulties

  • LGBTQ life and identity

  • Issues around sexuality and intimacy

  • Low self-esteem / excessive shyness

  • Feelings of emptiness / lack of fulfillment

  • Grief and loss / Letting go / Aging

  • Attention, motivation issues / ADHD

  • Chemical and behavioral addictions

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Interested in Balint Group Consultation?

What Are Balint Groups?

New Balint Group starting Sept 8th, 2023.
Interested clinicians, please send a request by email to sign up. Balint Group for case consultation: Supporting our healthcare providers to reconnect with their passion for healthcare, prevent burnout, and increase positive health outcomes for patients. We are currently open to interviewing new members.  

in the News

New York Times article about treating depression with Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.

A recent clinical trial suggests that 'mind-body' therapy which focuses on the role of emotions in physical pain may offer relief to people with fibromyalgia.

The APA released an article on the benefits of psychodynamic psychotherapy and a new study's findings that patients continue to improve after treatment ends.

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