I welcome questions about the therapy process and my services, so please feel free to contact me. My office is located in the Maple Leaf district of Seattle. I currently see patients on Mondays through Thursdays.

Trevor Slocum, MA, NCC, LMHC
8249 20th Ave NE
Seattle, Washington 98115

(206) 309-4224

Messages left on my voicemail are held confidential.

In case of emergencies: please call the Crisis Clinic at (206) 461-3222
or 866-4CRISIS (866-427-4747)
If someone is in immediate physical danger, call 911

The Privacy Officer for Slocum Counseling Services is Trevor Slocum, LMHC.
The Privacy Officer can: (a) answer your questions about our privacy practices;
(b) address any complaints you have about our privacy practices; and
(c) give you information on how to file a complaint.
You can contact the Privacy Officer by calling 206-309-4224.

contact:    (206) 309-4224